Top Three Wedding Beauty Detox Tips

For glowing and angelic beauty on your wedding day, you need to rid your body of toxins. We regularly take in toxins through our food, water, beauty products, and environment. All of these toxins affect our health and the way we look. Here is a timeline of wedding beauty detox steps you can take in preparation for your big day.

3 Months Before: Cut Out Dairy
You’ll want to start, at the very least, three months before your wedding day. Mark your calendar for three months out, and by this day, commit to eat a completely dairy-free diet. That means no milk, cheese, ice cream, whipped cream, half and half, or sour cream. You need to do this to detox your body and your skin; dairy products are known to cause acne, as well as stomach bloating.
Consider switching to a milk alternative such as almond or coconut milk– do not, however, use soy milk! Soy milk can disrupt your hormones and create or worsen acne problems. If you drink coffee, use non-dairy creamer. And, as hard as it sounds, you’ll have to try your best to give up cheese and ice cream.
You may try slowly cutting dairy for several weeks up until that three-months-out mark, instead of going cold-turkey. For example, resolve to have only one cheesy meal or one serving of ice cream during that period. Then, once three months out rolls around, cut all dairy entirely.

90 Days Before: Switch to All Natural Beauty Products
Did you know that your makeup and moisturizers may be loaded with toxins? If you want youthful, glowing skin on your wedding day, you need to start treating your skin with healthy, all-natural beauty products 90 days before the big day.
To find out what’s natural and what’s full of chemicals, try a smartphone app such as ThinkDirty. This ingenious app will help you learn what’s really in all of your household products (not just limited to beauty).
Then, you can gradually switch to all-natural products, and you can also begin to think about your wedding makeup. You of course want to use all-natural makeup on your wedding day, so 90 days or further in advance is plenty of time to start testing and purchasing clean wedding makeup. If you want your makeup done professionally on the wedding day, there are plenty of wedding makeup Jacksonville FL specialists who can provide a beautiful wedding day look. Browse wedding makeup Jacksonville FL makeup artists who use only all-natural products.

1 Month Before: Drink Detox Water Every Day
The final step for wedding beauty detox is to drink detox water. It’s super-simple to prepare: you need 12 cups of filtered water, 1 organic cucumber, juice of 2-3 small organic lemons, and 10-12 organic mint leaves. Mix these ingredients and store them in a jar in your fridge. Drink at least 1 cup of this detox water per day to cleanse your gut and get a flat tummy and glowing skin.

In addition, be sure to drink at least 64oz of filtered water every day when detoxing; drinking water is key to flushing toxins from the body.
Which wedding beauty detox tip worked best for you? Do you have any suggestions for us? Let us know!


5 Tips for Choosing a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

For some, planning a wedding is a breeze and the day arrives and passes without a hitch. However, for most others, planning a wedding from the beginning to end can quickly result in added daily stress. When you want to ensure you have the best makeup artist available for your big day, there are a few ways to go about seeking out a professional makeup artist that is right for you.

Consider Your Wedding Day Makeup Budget

Wedding makeup is often much more elaborate than traditional daywear that is most common for everyday events. With wedding makeup, your pro makeup artist will create a look that is absolutely stunning, breathtaking, and extremely fitting for the style of dress you have and any theme you have integrated with the wedding itself.

Consider the budget you have set aside for any hair or makeup services you need for your wedding before you begin seeking out a pro makeup artist who is right for you. Having a clear set budget in mind is ideal when you want to receive quotes as quickly as possible or if you are unable to spend more than what you currently have available when comparing your options.

Learn About Popular Makeup Techniques

Even if you do your own everyday look with makeup each day, researching popular professional makeup techniques is a way to truly find a look you love for a day you will never forget. Research popular professional makeup tips, videos, and tutorials online and with the use of video guides.

Learning about some of the top professional techniques used in makeup is a way to find a stylist who is thoroughly-versed in their craft and is capable of delivering any style or look you envision for yourself. Remember technique names, phrases, and other methods of styling to show the pro makeup artist you are interested in working with on your wedding day.

Research the Work of Makeup Artists You Love

Conducting adequate research on the makeup artists you love and that are available near you on your wedding day is a must before making a decision. Research official online portfolios and websites of the makeup artists that you prefer to compare the styles and looks each individual professional works with on a daily basis.

Find a professional makeup artist whose style meshes well with your own personality and the way you do your own makeup. Having a stylist who understands the style of makeup you use most often is highly recommended to avoid feeling underwhelmed or even disappointed altogether in the job that is done when your big day arrives.

Request a Trial

Requesting a trial run is extremely common for brides-to-be who are planning to get married and searching for the best professional makeup artist. Trial runs allow you to gain more insight into the overall style and techniques each of the makeup artists you have in mind are familiar with when working.

During trial runs, request a specific look or style or show off your future wedding dress to your artist so he or she is able to get a better idea of what vision to bring to fruition.

While trial runs are extremely common, they are likely to cost you for the time spent along with the makeup used. Professional makeup artists charge for trial runs as they are utilizing their skills and time to determine if they are the right fit for your wedding day. It is also important to keep trial run costs in mind when setting a budget and comparing all of the makeup artists you are interested in hiring.

Book Your Spot With Your Preferred Artist As Quickly As Possible

Once you have found the perfect artist for you, it is highly advisable to book your spot for your wedding day as quickly as possible. Makeup artists who take on wedding days and professional clients can quickly become overwhelmed and overbooked, which is why it is so important to hire the artist of your choice as soon as you can to avoid losing an artist for your big day.

Keep in mind that when you are booking a spot with a professional artist you will be required to sign a contract in most instances. Signing a contract ensures you agree to pay for services along with other terms and conditions that must be followed when you are working with the artist of your choice.

Taking the time to become a bit more familiar with makeup techniques and the possibilities available with makeup before choosing a pro makeup artist is highly advisable whether you are treading lighting with wedding planning or already feeling overwhelmed. With the best makeup artist, relax and enjoy your day without feeling worried or nervous about the final outcome of your look for the biggest day of your life.


Bridal Makeup Tips

You want to look and feel as stunning as possible for your big day. Your makeup is one of the most important tasks to achieve this, and whether you’re doing the job yourself or you’re hiring a professional wedding makeup artist, these are some tips to keep in mind.

-Go Natural.

Depending on your style and typical makeup routine, a “natural” makeup look can mean many different things. The bottom line is that your groom wants to see you as the beautiful bride you are. You don’t need to be the most glamorous version of yourself under the sun. Your bridal makeup should be pristine and highlight your most naturally elegant features. Besides, the more makeup you wear on your wedding day- the more chance there is for smudging and smearing.

Focus on your skin, lips, and eyes. These are the most vital facial features for bridal makeup. You’re going to want your skin to look flawless, so seamless application of foundation, concealer, powders, etc is going to be the best way to make you look naturally radiant. The softest of blush colors should be used, giving a pop of color to the cheeks but not as to wash out the face. Don’t forget to highlight the cheekbones, inner eye corners, brow bone, cupid’s bow, and tip of the nose. These spots will give your face a glowing depth.

As for the lips, you’ll want something that will withstand the test of time. Avoid creamy lipsticks- you’re going to be doing a lot of kissing, eating, and drinking. A subtle colored lipgloss or heavy-duty, nude colored liquid lipstick will be best.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and everyone’s best feature. Emphasized lashes are going to be the best way to look naturally polished. Consider getting semi-permanent eyelash extensions a few days before the wedding. Don’t be afraid to wear false eyelashes. They can still look incredibly natural, feel comfortable, and make the face surprisingly alluring.

-Preventative Measures.

There’s going to be a lot going on for your special day, so don’t forget to take these steps to ensure that your wedding makeup will stay impeccable throughout the emotions and commemoration.

Wear sunscreen, especially if the wedding is outdoors. Waterproof mascara and smudge-proof eye liner are going to be your new best friends. A primer underneath all skin makeup will help it stay put. That also goes if you’re using eyeshadow; an eyeshadow primer underneath it is a must. Sealing gel for the eyebrows, and plenty of setting spray to top it all off.

-Keep the Dress in Mind.

A magical dress can easily be overthrown by a makeup that doesn’t match it! Don’t use bright colors when you’re wearing white. If your wedding gown is a starchy white, stay away from glitter on the face. However, if your dress has shiny accents, such as silvers, pearls, or golds, a little bit of the same colored shimmers on the eyes or as a highlighter will really bring together your look.


You want to do everything in your power so as to make sure you look dazzling on your wedding. Its your special day- go ahead and splurge beforehand! Get professionals to wax your face, brows, (and body!), do a lip scrub, whiten your teeth, or get a rejuvenating facial. Even a massage the day before may help you de-stress and help keep you looking fabulous.

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Satya’s Hidden Beauty Secret

Satya’s hidden beauty secret:

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Key tips for wedding makeup

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to get the perfect look on your fabulous day:

Step 1: Primer

Moisturize your skin then apply (The Primed Skin Developer- Kenyn Aucoin ) for radiance and smooth skin.

How To:  Apply primer and moisturizer on your face, neck, and décolleté.
Pro Tip: Mixing moisturizer and primer together will save you time.

Step 2: Concealer

A really good concealer is ( IT – COSMETICS) -Bye Bye full coverage concealer. IT covers, highlights and gives you a fabulous look. It’s creamy, high-pigment, and crease-free.

How To: Use concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles. Warm up the formula and then apply with a sponge or using your fingertips.

Step 3: Foundation

For a flawless, hydrating and long lasting look apply (Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk Foundation ). This liquid foundation fits everyone’s needs and you won’t feel like you’re wearing a ton of heavy makeup.

How To: Use a foundation brush to get the best application and remember a little product goes a long way. Start your application in the center of the face, blending outwards and in a circular motion.

Those that like a dewy look we suggest a little spritz of a Hydrating Mist onto the skin or a sponge with the foundation for that magically dewy finish.

Step 4: Highlighter and Blush

For blush we recommend (Tarte – Cheek Stain) which works wonders for a natural, dewy looking flush; they’re creamy, bleadable and flattering to any skin type.
How To:


For the natural bridal glow, we suggest shades natural beauty, flush, exposed or tipsy. Apply directly to the apple of the cheek, blending up and out towards the hairline.


Applying highlighter to the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, the brow bones and a little to the Cupid ’s bow.


My favorite highlighter is (Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – in Pearl and Champagne color). This highlighter works well with all shades.

Step 5: Eye Shadow, Liner, and Mascara

How To:

1. For a flawless eyelid color use (MAC – Pro Longwear Paint pot in Nude Beige). This highly pigmented, long wearing eyeshadow goes on creamy and dries to a vibrant finish. Use highlight color or cream eyeliner pencil to the inner corner of the eye and lower water line to lighten and brighten your eyes.

Tip: warm up the product on the back of the hand before applying.

2. Apply the Tarte -Eyeliner Pencil in Brown along the lower lash line, and smudge with a small brush for a softer look.

Tip: warm up the liner on the back of the hand before applying.

3. Using (Anastasia Brow Definer Brow Pencil) to color in and define your eyebrows.

Tip: Brush brows up and outwards with a brow brush

4. Lastly, volumize and lengthen lashes with the Blinc Mascara .

Tip: Apply in a zigzag motion to coat every single lash. Repeat for fuller lashes.

Step 6: Lips

Effortless, soft, sexy and natural LIPS

Use (Laura Mercier- Bare Blush-Lip Gloss) for a sexy, natural and high-shine look. Work great on all skin tones. For a liitle more color in your gloss apply (Chanel – Rouge Coco Gloss).

For a more pigment color to your lips apply (Tarte-Lipsurgence- Natural Matte Lip Stain) If you prefer a more matte color on your lips.


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